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Price - Plenums for Linear Slot Diffuser

Square plenums result in longer and more condensed throws which are well suited to areas with high ceiling heights and larger distances between diffusers.

Stock Notes:

Designed for use with SDS100 Linear Slot Diffuser.

Model Neck Slots Slot Length Inlet Size Height Width Price
SDBI-100-48-8 8" 2 48" 4" x 10.125" 10 1/4" 4 1/4"
SDBI-100-48-10 10" 2 48" 4" x 13.250" 10 1/4" 4 1/4"


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SDBI-100-48-8 10+ $66.00
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SDBI100-48-10 10+ $66.00
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